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If you are considering buying a used caravan, it is advisable to obtain detailed information before making the purchase. Searching for a suitable caravan is not always easy without experience. In general, it is most plausible to spend a year looking around for the model you want and commit to your trusted RV dealer.

Even inexperienced campers with our more than 20 years of experience we advise to find the perfect camper model for you. That way, you buy a caravan that fits you and your needs exactly.

Demand for used caravans can sometimes decrease, which is reflected in the often increasing supply of used caravans. Many RV dealers then fine-tune their range of RVs, vans and caravans to prepare for the new sales. We also use this time to perfectly present our offer and our stock of used caravans for you.

First, map out your needs: how many people are you traveling with, what kind of trips do you want to take, how often do you plan to use the motorhome? This way you can get a preliminary idea of your needs yourself.

Choosing the RV that best suits your needs follows the following roadmap. The first choice is the type of camper.


A bus camper is actually a van that has been converted into an RV. Bus motorhomes generally accommodate two to four people and are nice and compact to drive. The advantage of a bus camper is that you can use it as a second car. Bus campers can generally park in regular parking lots. The downside is that there is a little less living space than other types.


This is a relatively new type that closes the gap between the bus camper and the semi integral camper. The advantages of both types are united in the CamperVan. This model is compact but, despite similar length and width, has more living space than the van camper. This is because of the straight build-up walls. This type is often chosen by couples without accompanying children.


Because there is no sleeping area above the cabin, this model looks sporty and catches relatively little wind, which also reduces fuel consumption. Semi integral motorhomes are for sale in various lengths, ranging from about 5.50 to 7.50 meters. and with different layouts. Sometimes these types have a drop-down bed so they can generally accommodate 2 to 4 people.


| Number of beds and bed arrangement

As a first choice, do you often visit cities during your vacation, do you want space, do you want to go on winter sports with the motorhome? And not very important, what wishes do you have regarding the bed arrangement. What is your wish in terms of beds: do you like to lie spacious and comfortable or do you prefer living space to sleeping space?

In addition, you can choose a certain interior style and degree of luxury. And perhaps you would like to be able to build certain RV accessories. We explain this further in the answers below. But of course you are welcome to visit our showroom where we take all the time to think with you and provide good advice.