What is CaravanRepair®?

CaravanRepair® is a European chain of caravan and motorhome damage specialists that does not carry out repairs on mobile homes or chalets. We understand that damage to your caravan or RV is always unexpected and can happen to anyone. Fortunately, CaravanRepair Group operates in several countries and we have a nationwide network of specialists in the Netherlands who can repair your damage professionally and expertly. With years of experience in caravan and RV repairs, our CaravanRepair® specialists are well trained and have performed many types of repairs.

At CaravanRepair®, we are happy to take all the extra worries associated with caravan or RV damage off your hands. We ensure a quick and proper settlement with your insurer, and our system is recognized by all insurers. We understand that caravan or RV damage is annoying enough and want to make this process as smooth as possible for you.

Professional repair of caravan damage

Thanks to our patented repair system, we can repair all profiled walls of caravans and motor homes invisibly. Whether it is a small dent, hail damage, cracks, moisture damage or a scratch dent, we can repair it quickly, professionally and invisibly. In addition, CaravanRepair® offers a lifetime warranty on all caravan wall repairs we perform! *

How does CaravanRepair® work?

To explain in a few words how CaravanRepair® works is quite difficult, which is why we had the opportunity to post this clear demonstration video. If you want to know more about CaravanRepair®, feel free to click play or contact us directly.

How do I schedule a repair?

There are several ways to schedule a repair. You can contact us, which is the easiest way. If you want to take some further steps right away, you can also fill out the CaravanRepair® claim form via the button below.